KHOMA “All Erodes”

“All Erodes”
This is another one of the bands that I’m very much aware of but haven’t bothered to check out for one reason or another. In my mind I’ve made this band up to be a softer version of Cult Of Luna (another band that I haven’t really checked out). And while that might be true musically I have no idea how to compare the two of them apart from the fact that there are strings tying them together. But soft this is. Not in a weepy way but more in a very melancholic and blue kind of way. This isn’t music to party to. This is music to cry to when your boy/girlfriend has left you or if you are mourning a loved one. This is the kind of somber music that I really like and that makes me feel complete. I wouldn’t say happy because that would make me look strange but I get excited when I get to hear this kind of music. Anders Ekdahl

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