KICKIN VALENTINA “Imaginary Creatures”

“Imaginary Creatures”

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I know that I’ve interviewed this lot before but never gotten round to reviewing their album. Now they are back with a new album and this time I won’t miss the opportunity to review it as well as interview them. For a long time I totally missed out on Hardcore Superstar but now that I have seen them live a couple of times I am a convert. When I listen to this new KICKIN VALENTINA album that is the first band that pops up in my head. This has that same dirty, sleazy feel to it that Hardcore Superstar has. Perhaps a bit more rock’n’roll than HCSS but still with that same bite. This is music with attitude. Not so “välkammat” as we say in Swedish. And this does appeal to me on several different levels. This is music that gets my heart pumping. For some reason it also makes me think of a harder, younger Mötley Crüe. Anders Ekdahl

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