KILL MATILDA “I Want Revenge”

”I Want Revenge”
I have a fondness for female fronted metal bands. Well I have a fondness for females period but especially in metal. There is something to a band that is full of women. You get the best of two worlds and I don’t mean that in any sexist way. I’m all for women’s equal rights. If I could I’d bring equality to all women. But for now all I can do is champion all women that play metal. In 2011 I’ve discovered more Canadian bands than I’ve done in the past 30 years. It’s true that once you start turning stones you find hidden treasures. Kill Matilda is such a hidden gem. There is a punky attitude to their metal-tinged music that I like. Anything that breaks the norm is welcomed. Even though this is my first encounter with Kill Matilda it feels like we’ve known each other for the longest of times. From the first note until the last I feel welcomed and treated like an old pal. We have so much fun together, jumping up and down, shouting along to the songs, bopping our heads like we have no muscles supporting our necks. Anders Ekdahl

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