Kill Ritual – “The Serpentine Ritual”

Kill Ritual – “The Serpentine Ritual” (Scarlet Records)

Billed as the latest Bay Area thrash ‘supergroup’ made up of former members of Imagika, Eldritch and Dark Angel, Kill Ritual are aptly named and certainly have a heavy edge to them although the thrash title may be a tad too optimistic. For starters, vocalist Josh Gibson has a soulful voice with scant hint of even a sarcastic Dave Mustaine sneer lol! Secondly I would say that the band have lost none of their prog origins especially in their guitar melodies – which incidentally are beautiful and work a treat – but we’re not talking ‘tallica, ‘deth or Exodus here. Rather, Kill Ritual are a prog / power / thrash amalgamation whose blended success is down to the quality of the musicians present, such that songs like ‘Law Of The Land’, ‘Coat Of Blood’ and ‘Day The World Dies’ contain an addictive balance of cerebrality, velocity and brutality all rolled into one!

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