Kill The Silence – “Kill The Silence”


Kill The Silence – “Kill The Silence” EP (

Leeds is a grim city in the north of England. Yet despite this there is beauty in the form of Kill The Silence, a young 4 piece who’ve just issued their self titled debut EP. Playing post hardcore that also mixes in the tender vocals and soft harmonies of bands like Lower Than Atlantis, KTS show their talent goes well beyond raw screamo and punk riffage. Opening with their first single ‘Get Out! Get Out!’, a solid metal foundation forms the base for some excellent melancholic melodies as vocalist Jason Walsh mixes his heartfelt passion in between screaming his throat raw! Next up is ‘Darling’ which shows the band’s melodic punk side in those excellent sliding riffs that once again provide a contrast with the rhythm of bassist Jack Townend and Reece Cockayne’s drums adding to the heaviness of the mix. ‘S.S.D.D’ takes it even heavier and also speeds things up with punk pop harmonies amidst a pounding racket that finally gives up to Walsh’s hoarse roars. Closer ‘Chapter II’ is the rawest of the 4 tracks here, with Walsh once again sanding down his throat with some harsh buckaroo metal core riffs rebounding around him with a full on hardcore stomp rhythm before finally finishing off on a hard, grinding note. With this debut, KTS show there is as much about their talent and with support slots and festival appearances garnering them radio coverage, they have now been featured as Kerrang!’s Local Heroes, indicating there is indeed life in Leeds.

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