Killgasm – “A Stab In The Heart Of Christ”


Killgasm – “A Stab In The Heart Of Christ” (Moribund Cult)

Screaming satania from Sacto, CA! Whoa, these guys must’ve been taking lessons from Absu’s Proscriptor judging by the hyper speed jet fuelled extreme metal they play. Formed in 2002 by Emperor Kuntslaughter, who handles both drums and screaming vocals along with a few pig squeals chucked in for good measure, Killgasm evolved into a full slaughter crew glorifying murder, rape n mayhem completed by Nekrotiis’s guitar and Corpse Bukkake’s bass n backing vox. But beyond that, this second album shows that despite their vitriolic hatred and bitterness against religion, these guys write some pretty – dare I say it – catchy material from the searing opener of ‘Black Grinding Terror’ to the utter chaos of ‘Planet Earth Mass Grave’ unto the final nihilism of ‘High On Church Fumes’ complete with its Breaking Bad sampler of ‘…you are a degenerate piece of filth – and you deserve to die!!!’ – yeeahh baby! Executed with tortured shrieks, black death melodies a la Dissection, punk twanging bass and anabolic drumming, Killgasm are the extreme in the new genocide and ultimate extermination.

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