“Omega Factor”
(Xtreem Music)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band that I was reading about in fanzine in the 90s. Back then there was no internet and the only means of communication was via snail mail. So money was being sent well hidden in letters to people across the globe in order to get your hands on fanzines and records. World wide distribution was a thing for major labels. The only way was to order directly from bands or labels. Which kinda explains why I missed out on KILLING ADDICTION’s debut album “Omega Factor” from 1993. As it is celebrating 25 years this years the folks at Xtreem Music (Dave Rotten) have decided to rerelease it with added bonus tracks. I always say that music doesn’t get old. And this is another proof of that. Sure, the production is a bit dated but the death metal that the band play is anything but old. This is some really crushing Floridian death metal. Back then you could talk about a definitive Florida death metal sound. A really cool thing to get to hear this 25 years later. Anders Ekdahl

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