KINETIK “Critical Fallout”

“Critical Fallout”
(Punishment 18)

Battle Helm Rating

This Italian thrash metal band has a style of thrash that is best being described as Anthrax-ian. You will know it when you hear it. I am not saying that Anthrax after “Spreading The Disease” sucks. They did find their style with their third album “Among The Living” (1987). As much as I love Anthrax I am more of a pre-“Among The Living” friend. But KINETIK do their thing very well. I have no problem liking this. It is after all thrash metal that brings out a lotta good memories for me. There are other bands other than Anthrax that pops up when I listen to this. All in all this is a really good thrash metal album that I will play when I drive. It gives me that much positive energy. Anders Ekdahl

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