KING “Forged By Satan’s Doctrine”

“Forged By Satan’s Doctrine”
(Deathgasm Records)
Coming from Colombia you can pretty much paint any kind of picture you like and we on the other end of the world will eat it up like sugar. If you want to make out that you are homicidal lunatics for a drug cartel or if you are satanic ritualists running around in the forests sacrificing whatever it is you sacrifices doesn’t matter. We’ll just buy it without any hesitation. I honestly don’t care what picture you paint as long as my conscious is OK with it (not that I condone any sort of violence). I do have a soft spot for bands from South America that goes back to the 80s scene. King are black/death metal in a sort of primitive way that only relies on pure aggression and nothing more. I kinda like that. It is refreshing to get to hear an album that isn’t full of all kinds of symphonic impressions. It is pretty refreshing to get your ears cleaned out by a full on metal blast. That King provides. While not implying that they invented the wheel again there is a charm to this that leaves me wanting to return to it again… and again. Anders Ekdahl

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