KING BONG “Space Shanties”

“Space Shanties”
I’m sorry but I can’t take this band name seriously; KING BONG!!! Hopefully the music will be of a different kind than the name suggests. I can’t state it enough; I love discovering new bands. That to me is the whole point of being into metal (music). Why stick with the same old tired socks? Instrumental stoner might on paper seem like a win or lose situation. I guess if anything instrumental should work it should be stoner. Without the vocals you can explore the transcendental side of the music even further. I don’t do drugs. I don’t even drink excessive amounts of beer or liquor. I don’t really need that stuff to trip. I can do that just as well with the help of some pretty cool music. And this album helps me take a trip to a different place. Anders Ekdahl

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