KING CARNAGE “Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh”

“Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh”
With a name like KING CARNAGE this better be some really cool extreme metal or the band name is wasted. In a perfect world a band wouldn’t be judged by its name but since we don’t live in a perfect world a band’s name is all that they got to get people interested. I’m not too sure what to make of the band’s metal. There is an old school feel to it but I don’t hear too much Autopsy or Nihilist. This is in a way heavier than the old bands I grew up with. Yet I can’t shake the feeling of having heard the sound before. This is a record that at first didn’t impress me too much but with time grew to be a pretty cool death metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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