KING CROW “In Crescendo”

“In Crescendo”
I don’t think that I’m that familiar with too many acts on the Sensory label. I do know that they deal in prog rock/metal and that I should expect to be intrigued by their releases but apart from that I have no bloody idea what to expect from KING CROW. I am not late in admitting that there is a charm to a band that has a bigger than life sound. I like being swept away on a voyage to a land that I don’t get to visit too often. I didn’t expect this to be a symphonic cavalcade like the Italian symphonic metal but to my surprise this was even more restrained than I expected for being prog. But there was nothing that prepared me for this. I expected at best a band in the lines of Fates Warning but got a band more in sync with Opeth. Not that I complain. I like every aspect of Opeth’s metal and when a band like KING CROW takes the more prog aspects and make it their own I’m game for it. Anders Ekdahl

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