King Dude – “Burning Daylight”

King Dude – “Burning Daylight” (Van Records)

Despite being tucked away in the rainy northwestern corner of the US, Seattle has always been at the forefront of cutting edge music. And King Dude might be the next big thang. Mixing together dark, pagan folk with acoustic country rock n roll, this king takes the dark side of Johnny Cash n Jim Jones right into the pits of Hell. The ‘king’ in this case is Book Of Black Earth guitarist / vocalist TJ Cowgill but the trippy almost shamanic trance in songs like ‘Jesus In The Courtyard’, ‘My Mother Was The Moon’ and ‘Lord, I’m Coming Home’ is a million miles from the death / punk of his crusty buddies. This is far darker my friends, vividly atmospheric and captivating from TJ’s vocal drawls to the melancholic melodies and haunting harmonies. Country n Western will never be the same and has death in TJ’s name. Hail to the king baby.

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