King Dude – “Sex”


King Dude – “Sex” (Ván Records)

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Jesus. Satan. Bourbon. Johnny Cash. Luciferian. King Dude aka TJ Cowgill is back among the flock. Takin’ it even further than the Man In Black did, this dark shepherd brings his whiskey soaked drawl and twanging geetar to speak his dark verses in blissful ambience on the likes of the hypnotic ‘I Wanna Die At 69’. Occasionally it all becomes too much and the protopunk freak out of amphetamine meeting rock n roll of ‘Sex Dungeon USA’ blasts out. On “Sex” the Dude has discovered the joys of the bass and indeed, it is omnipresent throughout the 11 tracks here, rumbling and a rollin’ whether adding body or a well crafted contrast to his Gretsch guitar such as on the motoring trash rock n roll of ‘Swedish Boys Drum’, perhaps a nod to Europe where he is ironically more popular for his lo-fi deathly Americana melancholy in than in small town USA. With an obviously challenging theme of sexuality here, King Dude offers us revelation in eleven parts through the dark spirituality of his rock n’ roll – and with the love, light and glory of Lucifer upon us, I am a believer!

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