KING GOAT “Conduit”

(Aural Music)

Battle Helm Rating

Doom is so much more that Black Sabbath riffs. And today it is even hard to keep track of all the sub-genres there is out there. This British 5 piece might not come from the hot spot of metal but hey Brighton has its spots too. Or so I suspect. What hit me almost immediately is how much this made me think of Leif Edling’s many bands. There is a bit Candlemass in this. A bit Krux. A bit Nemesis. You get the picture. This is doom of the more classic sort. And as the massive doom metal fan that I am this album came to me like the piece that I didn’t know I missed. This is massive. It is strange to get an album full of music you didn’t know that you miss. It is like you are being completed. A greater human being from hearing this album. Anders Ekdahl

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