King Goat – “Conduit”

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King Goat – “Conduit” (

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If Candlemass met Opeth and Hawkwind in sunny Brighton , then King Goat might’ve been the band they collectively inspired. Already releasing two acclaimed EPs and making waves across the UK supporting Enslaved and Grand Magus as well as playing Bloodstock, Mammothfest and Doom Over London, King Goat’s diverse line up reflects its style of psychedelic and eastern influences within a progressive doom sound. Now comes their debut album – a self release no less – and it doesn’t disappoint, but rather is the culmination of what they’ve experienced collectively together. From Trim’s powerful soulful voice to the reverb soaked doom guitars and Jon’s pounding drums, there’s certainly plenty of dark energy flowing freely here. Equally so though, are some amazing and dare I say it, exotic melodies again from the dexterous guitars of Petros and Jon adding to a stunning ambiance on songs from the malevolent ‘Sanguine Path’ to the epic soul trip of ‘Revenants’ and last but not least, the monumental title track which brings it all together, along with some shamanic singing and tasteful femme backing vocals, into yet another melancholic epic, both in sound as well as emotion conveyed. For an underground band, this is a hugely impressive self release indeed, and aptly titled as being their path to the big time.

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