King Goat – “King Goat”

king goat

King Goat – “King Goat” EP (

Despite coming from the sunny south coast English town of Brighton, King Goat bring more smog in their psychedelic doom noise than a foggy English Channel! Influenced by the 3 ‘C’s namely Candlemass, Celtic Frost and Cathedral (or 4 if you include Cannabis lol – Ed), it’s inherent in the 3 epic crushers – ‘Cult Obscene’ to ‘Melian’s Trance’ and ‘The Final Decline’- making up this monster EP from man mountain Trim’s soulful melancholic vocals to Petros’s intricate guitar n mandolin work that blends in trance stoner riffs with eastern wailing solos amidst Reza’s crushing doom rhythms. Yeah, there’s deffo been a lot’ve of herb n whatever going down at the Goat farm, but there’s a definite pace, intricate song structure and weighty intellect behind King Goat’s material, making this EP highly alluring in its assault capability!

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