Kingdom Come – “Outlier”

Kingdom Come – “Outlier” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Hmmm, I’m not sure why this is a Kingdom Come release given vocalist Lenny Wolf is playing all the instruments as well as producing, engineering, mixing and mastering this album? Still, maybe there’s a hint in the title as Wolf has always been a bit of a maverick and legendary for his quoted denial of ever hearing of Led Zeppelin when asked to comment on Kingdom Come’s comparison to them lol! Whatever the case, there’s no denying the talent behind this loveable rogue as he has created a masterpiece of a rock album here. From god of rock n roll anthems like ‘Running High Distortion’ to the dark trance rock of ‘Holy Curtain’ to the sultry ‘Such A Shame’ which I can almost hear Jimmy Page muttering! With Lenny’s dry vocals being the constant thru the ten tracks here “Outlier” mixes classic Kingdom Come with the modern use of electronics and trance that might have some fans taken aback. But then again, this is Lenny Wolf we’re talkin about, so what’s new..?

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