KINGS “Never Alone”

“Never Alone”

Battle Helm Rating

I complained that I don’t get sent too many hardcore releases with the result that I have no idea what’s going on at that end of the music specter. So I won’t be name dropping any new, important players when I review this album from KINGS. This didn’t start the way I anticipated. I thought I’d be run over by a speeding road train but it started so somber that I thought I’d put on the wrong album. I was never a big fan of emo but if I were to place this album anywhere I’d place it just there; in emo, and even if it does pick up a harder edge as the album progresses it is still beautiful in all its shapes and forms. Even a diehard metal fanatic like me needs a breathing hole every now and then. This week it is KINGS. Anders Ekdahl

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