Battle Helm Rating

Boy, I have not been thinking about Pitchshifter in I don’t know how many years. That was a band that I really liked in the 90s. But what was new back then has since then been around the block more times than you can count. I will not say that KINJIIRU are trying to mask their sound with a load of cool gimmicks because there is more than meets the ear to this. What I am going to say is that there is a modern touch to it. A mix of styles that we don’t get to hear too often today. As I am too uneducated in the world of EBM, body and electro I am just assuming that it is there that some of the influences comes from. Mix that with metal and you got a cool sounding record. In some sense this makes me think of Senser, although harder. I like what I hear. Anders Ekdahl

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