KIRA “Peccatum et Blasphemia”

“Peccatum et Blasphemia”
(Ossuary Records)

Battle Helm Rating

It doesn’t really matter other than on paper but I want my metal separate. Not black/death or any other combinations. My mind can’t handle that sort of mix. At least in theory. Because once the music starts I usually don’t care if the band mixes death with black with thrash with heavy metal. Once the music starts I get so caught up that all my theories goes out the window. It was like that with Polish KIRA. On paper a mix of death and black metal. In reality, a real punch in the face of extreme metal. From the word go this one totally knocked me off my feet. This one is so good that I cannot stop listening to it. I get the same kinda feeling from this that I got from hearing Morbid Angel the first time. And in a way this one reminds me of a cross between Morbid Angel and Mayhem. I do hear the death metal influences as I listen and I like it. A real keeper of an album. Anders Ekdahl

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