“Når Alt Dör”
Norwegian black metal might not have the same attraction today as it did in the 90s but still 20 year on we get to discover new acts playing what is basically classic Norwegian black metal. And since I like that style of bm I have no problem with new acts popping up. KIRKEBRANN might have a name that reminds you of the Norwegian black metal scene of the 90s and the criminal acts that were carried out by certain individuals (that should remain unmentioned) and they might play black metal that is purely based in that decade but this is also very 2013. Great music is timeless and it doesn’t matter in what era it is played it is still great. And this, while not being original in any way, is simply great Norwegian black metal. If you like your black metal to be crude and basic yet emotional and full of feelings then you’ll enjoy this tremendously. This is the pure sound of Norway. Anders Ekdahl

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