Kissin’ Dynamite – “Ecstasy”

Kissin’ Dynamite – “Ecstasy” (Metal Blade Records) 

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Oh man, this is really something – after releasing 5 kick ass albums, these Swabian swashbucklers have decided to hit the sun kissed shores of LA by signing to legendary Metal Blade! Although still undiscovered 9,500 miles from their native shores, Kissin’ Dynamite have what it takes – in bunches – to succeed where they have always destined themselves – the big league. It almost seems prophetic from their name to their sound and most of all, they massively catchy songs that take in glam and stadium rock so where else would they be better placed? As such, it comes as little surprise that along with a maturity, this is a very US sounding record, produced by singer Hannes Braun clearly showing the confidence Kissin’ Dynamite have in setting their sights for their next conquest. Whatever the case, the root of the band’s music, namely monster hooks and killer songs full of passion, has not been forgotten. From the still very European sounding ‘Superhuman’ with its huge singalong chorus driven by soaring guitar melodies and powering harmonies, its pretty clear the 13 songs here are aimed to score not just on the airways but simultaneously on the live front. Slowing it down but going straight for the heart on ‘Still Around’, Kissin’ Dynamite take on the all important rock ballad and adding in subtle acoustic guitars and flowing orchestrals along to Braun’s own red blooded but still tender vocals they score a hit that would make Die Mannschaft proud! Of course there’s a killer song, and that has to be ‘One More Time’, a swanky slider that just rocks and rolls with so much balls you will not be able to resist its rhyming melodies, chugging riffs and naturally, monster chorus that will certainly leave you shaken. Prepare for the next rock gods, cos these boys are a long way off from their high school days!

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