Kissin’ Dynamite – “Generation Goodbye”


Kissin’ Dynamite – “Generation Goodbye” (AFM Records)

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Quite possibly Germany’s newest hard rock giants in the making, Kissin’ Dynamite have released a steady stream of chart topping albums with 2014’s “Megalomania” cracking the German Top 20! Still only in their mid 20s, the talent, maturity and ambition is undeniable and now evidenced further in this 5th studio album that has seen them part ways with their management and producers, taking on the lot themselves in their ceaseless stride for the top. Certainly a bold move by any means, but given these guys have together since their schooldays, they feel the end product – with minimal interference – is the truest representation of the band and what they stand for – namely kick ass hard rock! Well, I can’t say I disagree!! Right off “Generation Goodbye” has got to be their best release, bringing together the best of their previous albums and is a big, big leap taking them very much towards the starry steps previously trod by Guns N Roses, Queen and Def Leppard. There’s an inherent big sound that vocalist and now producer Hannes Braun has put into the material, and its been superbly complemented by the musicianship from richly laid hard rock riffs to huge singalong choruses and heart fluttering solos. Even the lyrics themselves are energized with self confidence, reflective of the youthful talent driving this band that says ‘hey, we can take on anything the world throws at us’ and I really have to give them that credit listening to songs like ‘If Clocks Were Running Backwards’ which reminded me of ‘November Rain’ with its emotional rock tone and backing cellos, to the slick but swaggering ‘She Came She Saw’ with its sultry guitars and anthemic chorus, culminating in the epic, charismatic ‘Utopia’, with its uplifting chorus and soaring guitars. In a world with constant fears, “Generation Goodbye” gives me hope that all is not lost, that we have something to live for, and most of all, plenty of love.

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