Kissin’ Dynamite – “Megalomania”


Kissin’ Dynamite – “Megalomania” (AFM Records)

Since releasing their hit album “Money, Sex & Power” in 2012, these five guys (all just barely 20!) from Swabia have played over 500 gigs all over Europe and Asia along with several TV appearances. Now onto their 3rd release, Kissin’ Dynamite have come a long way since their street thrash rock n roll days much like their superstar heros Guns N Roses. Whilst not yet gracing the sidewalks of Sunset Strip, these guys substitute the tinsel town sleaze for the Scandi rock n roll of opener ‘DNA’ with its in your face loud n catchy keyboard signature tones backed by melodic rock n roll guitars. The mid section of the album then turns out melodic AOR rockers like ‘Deadly’ with plenty of harmonies allowing Hannes Braun to show a more soulful side to his vocals. With ‘God In You’ returning us back to the upbeat rock n roll style of the previous album, the finale is made up of the electro rap rock n roll of ‘Legion Of The Legendary’, complete with a dub beat and the Gunners almost namesake tribute ‘Ticket To Paradise’ which indeed does sound like ‘Paradise City’ in its chorus and the guitar sound of Jim Müller and Ande Braun. All the press around the album indicated that they were were gonna be edgy and break new ground – well I guess they have in comparison to their last 2 albums but “Megalomania” shows them going off in a number of directions which although done well, isn’t really different to whats floating around certainly in the US. Given their youth, perhaps they needed to prove something to themselves i.e. that they could reach for the greats and the material on this album certainly aspires towards the more mature achievements of those legends. “Megalomania” definitely steps to a higher level, but where that exactly is remains to be seen as Kissin’ Dynamite’s madness carries on. Indeed, it has only just begun…

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