Kissin’ Dynamite – “Money, Sex & Power”

Kissin’ Dynamite – “Money, Sex & Power” (AFM Records)

Do you like Money, Sex and Power? Indeed, gimme more, gimme more! So scream these five hairspray rockers who look like they just stepped outta Gazzari’s onto Sunset Strip back in the 80s – except they’re from Germany, Bavaria to be exact, more commonly associated with lederhosen than leather LOL! Typically taking their inspiration from GnR, Crue and Skid Row, in terms of their look, attitude and sound, what sets them apart are the strong Germanic melodies turning the likes of ‘Sex Is War’, ‘I Will Be King’ and ‘She’s A Killer’ into catchy singalong anthems. Pioneered by the Scorpions and taken further by Accept (when they were melodic), Germany has never really had an equivalent to those 80s bands but Kissin’ Dynamite could be the nitro that Europe is looking for – either way, get ready for some Swabian sleaze metal LOL!!

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