KITTIE “I’ve Failed You”

“I’ve Failed You”
The first time I heard Kittie I dismissed them as boring and tiresome. It took me a long time to come around to realising that they aren’t that bad. Sure, they still at times remind me of what I don’t like about North American metal when it is bad but I have to admit that there is more to Kittie than the cute teenagers they were when they debuted. My biggest problem with Kittie is that I don’t know what to call their metal. Is it death, nu or whatever? It sure does sound death metal-ish at times but then it also reminds me that bloody awful nu metal crap. Whatever it is this is by far the best Kittie album I’ve heard. There seems to be a better cohesiveness to this album. A more thought out structure. Maybe it’s my ears but I would like to describe this as grunge death metal. I can hear classic Alice In Chains mixed with extreme death metal in the mix. This is one album I’d buy without hesitating. Anders Ekdahl

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