KLEM ”Ritagli Di Tempo”

”Ritagli Di Tempo”
Another Italian band that is allegedly between rock and metal or somewhere else. I have no problem with bands that play any sort of post whatever as long as it is good music. They could be as heavily influenced by Radiohead as Judas Priest for all I care as long as the outcome is good. KLEM at least start on a high note. No pussying out here. If you like that whole alternative thing that Tool/Helmet started you will find this up there with those kinds of bands. You gotta be open enough for this to twist a bit more that the straight for the throat hair bands to fully get into it but once you’ve opened that side of your brain you will find great enjoyment in listening to this band. Call it post metal if you like. I know that I like this kind of metal a hell of a lot better than the metalcore stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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