Klogr – “Till You Decay”

Klogr – “Till You Decay” (Valery Records)

Klogr (pronounced ‘Kay – log – are’ – in reference to the law of Weber-Fechner – whatever that is) are one of these deep, cerebrally challenging projects (notice I said ‘project’ rather than ‘band’ LOL) that apparently sits ‘..on the thin line between alternative rock and alternative metal…’. Well, rather than analyze that line I would say that their emphasis is very much on being ‘alternative’ just like other bands in that genre from A Perfect Circle to Porcupine Tree to Tool etc. According to the band the whole record is based on the concept that ‘…society around us controls us, judges us, conditions us and ultimately suffocates us. A psychological game of massacre, control and power over the masses, in which they use fear and anxieties to unstabalize a person into something more fragile, more controllable and more subservient…’ – well, I said it was deep LOL but thankfully the 11 songs on this debut aren’t unfathomable, but are definitely intense! From ‘White Eyes’ with its heavy brooding rhythm and contrasting mellow / screaming vocals to the anthemic rock / core of ‘You Gotta Know’ with it’s fluid guitar work and raw vocals to the pensive, passionate closer of ‘Young Graves’, Klogr have energetically challenged the stereotypical norm and more poignantly, its underlying ideology.

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