KLOGR “Till You Turn”

“Till You Turn”
I liked KROGH’s last album so much that I interviewed them. Now they are back with what I take is an in-between record. Hopefully we will be treated to some great songs. KROGH has a very American sound despite being from Italy. I have my moments when I need to hear something very American. I am not ashamed to admit that I liked the band Live. I thought that they had some awesome songs. I kinda feel the same way with KLOGR. They have some really cool songs going for them. Even so on this EP. The collaboration on this EP doesn’t say or do much for me so I’ll leave that as a footnote. If you liked them before you’ll want to have this record in your collection. The live songs might be an added bonus for some but I’d rather have seen them do some cool covers. But that is me. Anders Ekdahl

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