KLONQUE ” Burn Particularly”

” Burn Particularly”

Battle Helm Rating

I am very seldom impressed by your track record. You might have played with God, The Devil and everybody between but it you can’t deliver the goods right now your track record isn’t worth a penny. So there might be famous German musicians fronting KLONQUE, So what? What I want to know is if they are any good? If I was pressed to describe this I’d say it is thrash metal with a slight mechanized feeling. It is very straight to the point. It is almost like they’ve laid out a ruler and then play along it. It is that straight and strict. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is a feel to this album that I can but not like. It sounds like a thousand other things I’ve heard, references are flying in my head, but that is also not a bad thing. I gotta admit that I wasn’t prepared for this album to impress me this much. Anders Ekdahl

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