KLUDDE “In De Kwelm”

“In De Kwelm”
(Consouling Sounds)

Battle Helm Rating

Belgian old skool black metal band KLUDDE are new to me. Even though they have been at it since 2001. But that has been corrected by me now. Now I too am on this train. There is a 90s sound to this. Almost a punkish attitude without it being black’n’roll. If you have issues with that sorta directness you should stay away from this. if you on the other hand like the attack kinda black metal you will enjoy this the way I enjoy it. In a way this reminds me of a The Exploited gone black metal. And since I am a huge fan of The Exploited and black metal I really like that connection my brain just did. This is the good stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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