Knight Fury – “Time To Rock”

Knight Fury – “Time To Rock” (Pure Steel Records)

The latest supergroup from the US, Knight Fury brings together founder guitarist Chris Sanders (ex-LIZZY BORDEN), drummer Ken Mary (ex-TKO, ex-Accept, ex-Chastain, ex-Alice Cooper etc etc) and none other than Megadeth’s bassist Dave Ellefson in a traditional heavy / power metal band with symphonic and epic elements. It’s certainly a departure from the individuals’ own bands and quite refreshing not to hear any obvious elements of them in the Knight Fury sound – and arguably why would they need to, given it is a brilliant power package featuring crunching rock riffs, power rhythms and beautiful melodies on cool songs like ‘Battle For The Castle’, ‘Awaken’ and ‘Believe’. Newcomer vocalist William King fits in effortlessly with his clean, high end vocals which complete this circle of upliftingly powerful yet passionate music that used to be fashionable in the 80s, yet never had a market of its own – why I do not know – so “Time To Rock” is a timely welcome indeed!

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