KNIGHTS OF BLOOD “Falsa Realidad”

”Falsa Realidad”

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Every now and then along comes a Spanish band that I have not heard of before. So did KNIGHTS OF BLOOD. When I checked them out I was so impressed by them that I had to interview them. You might have read the interview. Here is the review of the album “Falsa Realidad”. Musically this is heavy metal with an edge. Apart from the typical metal melodies there is an aggressive touch to this that gives it a distinct sound. As much as I love melodic metal as much do I like it when the thorns are turned outside. This is a really sharp album. If you are not careful it will sting you. What I love about metal is that it isn’t a stagnate form of music. The bands are not afraid to broaden the horizons. KNIGHTS OF BLOOD are proof of that. They have taken heavy metal one step further. Cool stuff indeed. Anders Ekdahl

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