Knock Out Kaine – “House Of Sins”

Knock Out Kaine – “House Of Sins” (DOTT)

Prepare to be punched out – England’s KOK prove that the heartland of British rock n roll is alive n kickin even in the desolate wasteland of the Midlands! Weaned on early 70s pedigree rockers like Clapton, Hendrix and Gallagher, KOK grew up to the varied sounds of Cheap Trick, The Wildhearts, Crue and of course, GnR so whilst songs like ‘Backstreet Romeo’, ‘Somebody Save Me’ and ‘Movin’ On’ could be labelled as sleeze rock, look closer and you will hear the harmonies, melodies and kiss ass grooves in all these bands that have been harnessed and brought to bear like a prize fighter known as Knock Out Kaine!!!

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