Kohti Tuhoa – “Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta”

Kohti Tuhoa – “Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta” (Svart Records)

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Ever wondered what D-Beat legends Discharge would sound like if they had a chick doing the vocals – then check out Kohti Tuhoa! Formed only 3 years ago and hailing from Finland, this noisy 4 piece have already released an EP and debut, and now in preparation for their 1st US tour, unleash this blistering sophomore. Fronted by the predatorial Helena, who along with trademark roars and hoarse shout outs belches out a fair amount of grunting and moaning as if she’s giving birth, Ville’s guitars provide the heavy nihilistic tones, shredding riffs and anarchic solos needed to bring the necessary mayhem to songs like ‘Ei pelastusta‘, ‘Kiire läpi elämän’, along with my personal fave in the title trackPelon neljäs valtakunta’, cemented by the frantic rhythm of Aleksi’s bass and Markus’s mental drumming. Sung entirely in Finnish which wonderfully along with elements of modern punk and even rock n roll chucked it for good measure, this is 12 tracks of modern Scandi D-Beat that will certainly peel the paint off your walls, while not compelling you to go the whole hog and slit your wrists. Skillfully adding memorable grooves and subtle melodies along with intelligent arrangements, this sophomore is a talented offering from a Helsinki punk crew intent on showing their adeptness alongside their obvious aggression!

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