KO:MI “Songs Of Them”

“Songs Of Them”
(Svart Records)

Battle Helm Rating

What attracted me to this was the cover art work. There is something to it that triggers an adventurous side in me. I actually don’t know if this is even BATTLE HELM stuff but since I am a huge Tori Amos fan I still wanted to explore this. Not that I am saying that this is singer/songwriter stuff. In way this reminds of me of the triphop band Portishead. Throw in some Björk and this might make some sense in which direction this is going. At times it is nice to take a break from all the metal and enjoy something completely out of the box. This is as out if the box as it gets this week. But I like it and that is all that I care about. If you don’t like it, just stop reading . Anders Ekdahl

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