Kongh – “Sole Creation”

Kongh – “Sole Creation” (Agonia Records)

Hillbilly sludge metal from the deep forests of Sweden! Like a possessed King Kong going about his business, this Växjö crew wield meaty hooks in their dark, reverbed riffs and a rhythm to boot. David Johansson’s rasping vocals brilliantly contrast with stoner harmonies which add a helter skelter groove on songs like ‘Sole Creation’, ‘Tamed Brute’ and ‘The Portals’ – in fact, there are only 4 tracks but with each one clocking in around the 10 minute mark, they’re mightily powerful doses of heaviness indeed! Well known in underground circles, even co-headlining the Kuma Doom Fest in Chicago, Kongh fit right in with the likes of Weedeater, YOB, Black Sun etc as purveyors of serious brain damaging music guaranteed to frazzle you right outta your skull.

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