KONGH “Sole Creation”

“Sole Creation”
I gotta admit that at first I confused this Swedish band with the Dutch band Korgh that released some albums on Peaceville in the 90s. How stupid of me since the bands are nothing alike sound wise. This is doom metal. Having been nominated for a P3 Guld award (Swedish national radio’s own award) they must have been doing something right. Don’t ask me what though because this is the first music I’ve heard by them. Don’t go expecting this to be the heir to Candlemass because this is doom in a totally different school. Rather compare them to Agrimonia if anything. This is doom that is the prelude to the total annihilation. This is the foreboding of the final destruction. So pack up your most precious belongings and inflate your rubber boat because here comes the final flood. Anders Ekdahl

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