KÖNIGREICHSSAAL “Witnessing The Dearth”

“Witnessing The Dearth”
(Cult Of Parthenope)

Battle Helm Rating

I used to be down with Deathspell Omega. I bought everything I could find with them. But then in a weak moment I sold it all. Not that I regret it. I still like Deathspell Omega’s off the top approach to music. Polish KÖNIGREICHSSAAL plays in that same league. It is very much strange chord changes and atonal in a way that challenges you as the listener. But I gotta say that I find that challenge intriguing. My mind does not work in a conventional way so it is nice to hear music that isn’t just going from A to B. This one takes me all over the place. You don’t have to have a fucked up mind to enjoy it. But you need to like stuff that breaks the borders of preset boxes. This one turned out to be a cool one. Anders Ekdahl

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