Konvent – “Puritan Masochism”

Konvent – “Puritan Masochism” (Napalm Records)
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Fast stepping up in the footsteps of Danish metal bands like Mercyful Fate and Artillery come Konvent – aptly named given they’re all ladies whose brand of doom death is not just grim as one might expect, but rivetting in its dark and morbid atmosphere on this gripping debut! Formed only in 2015, the band are already well known in Denmark and have played at the internationally renowned Roskilde Festival adding to their growing appeal. Now comes “Puritan Masochism” and man it doesn’t pull any punches whatsoever in having an uncompromising sound more befitting an underground release, although with similar extreme bands like Mantar and Nails attaining success on well recognised labels, it’s easy to see why Napalm jumped on this talented band. Driven by the thick and morbid guitar of Sara Helena Nørregaard and backed by Heidi Withington Brink’s droning bass, Rikke Emilie List growls, gutturally roars and screams quite magnificently across the 9 tracks that creep over your flesh like a rash, sinking its decay and depression into your soul until it rots away – sweet! From the slow, deathly guitar chimes on ‘World Of Gone’, List’s bowel hollow roars slickly roll into sickly screams as the smog heavy droning doom fills your lungs, choking and possessing you to headbang along like a zombie as the massive cascading riffs pound and smash into you brutally and yet also, blissfully. Starting equally melancholically but soon descending into an ultra catchy funeral death riff on ‘Bridge’, List growls like a hungry she predator before moving into throat raw screamo as Nørregaard shifts into droning doom while drummer Julie Simonsen shifts up a gear in her pounding drums before finally returning back into the initial morbid atmosphere magnificently. No much mercy on ‘Waste’, which powers its doom death riffage like a super charger soaking in the reverb of those dense riffs as List’s guttural roars and dry screamo start to trip into your mind, laying there snaking around to torment you long into the night. Don’t mess with these gals….
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