Korgonthurus – “Kuolleestasyntynyt”

Korgonthurus – “Kuolleestasyntynyt” (Woodcut Records)
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‘…after the mighty “Vuohen Siunaus” album, the light of darkness is seen in a new work called “Kuolleestasyntynyt”…’. Indeed, this Finnish black metal band have been going for the best part of 20 years, during which time they’ve released 2 prior albums, along with numerous EPs and splits in between. Centered around founders Corvus (vocals, lead guitar) and Kryth (drums, guitar), who’ve endured numerous line up changes and band splits owing to other musical commitments, Korgonthurus has nonetheless persevered over time thanks to a loyal, cult following across Europe. Unrepentantly satanic in their beliefs, what impresses on “Kuolleestasyntynyt” is not just the expected cat screeching frenzy (of which they certainly don’t lack in), but a more cerebral take in their refined use of well placed arrangements, differing tempos, captivating grooves, melodic hooks and deep, if dark atmospheres – in short an excellent and suave black metal release more than deserving of wider attention! Joining the founding duo on this jaunt are guitarist Insanis Xul and bassist Incisura, and together the performances on the 6 impressive tracks are tight, intense and display experienced, well executed musicianship. Opening with the 6 1/2 minute title track ‘Kuolleestasyntynyt’, massive, perverse riffs and bombastic drums set the depraved, hellish tone to more cascading waves of twisting, catchy riffola as Corvus screeches his way to the fore of this satanic maelstrom, Kryth kick pedaling his double bass drums furiously while church bell clanging melodies sound ominously in the background as the song slows momentarily before exploding even more intensely – wow! With the guitars revving up on ‘Syyttäjäenkeli’ to create a huge groove with Corvus screaming insanely atop his satanic pulpit, the sudden tempered guitar melodies offer a momentary lull before again chundering up a storm through an excellent guitar sound that really allows their twin power to resonate into your soul, ultimately resulting in total possession through this excellent 6 1/2 minute piece. And that’s the secret of success with Korgonthurus, a band ill content to shred you in a blur, but instead stretch you across a rack while offering exquisite torment every step of the way! Roaring in on ‘Riivattu’ the riff sound is nothing short of gargantuan, loudly booming in the background while pronouncing sinister licks to baptize you before the blasphemous screams of Corvus. Going well beyond unholy, “Kuolleestasyntynyt” is as powerfully seductive musically as its visceral if gruesome, album cover!
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