Korzus – “Legion”


Korzus – “Legion” (AFM Records)

Blistering Brazilian Thrash! Founded in 1983, Korzus are probably the oldest thrash band in Brazil and possibly in South America, making them cult legends cemented by their six studio and two live albums, and one DVD – not to mention becoming the first Brazilian Jagermeister sponsored band. Throughout their career various members have played in Agent Steel, Sepultura and even become personal friends with the likes of Formula 1 racers like Ayrton Senna! All of this has no doubt had an impact on Korzus, whose aggro thrash has remained as razor sharp as it ever was 30 years ago. Still with original members Marcello Pompeu on bark blast vocals and bassist Dick Siebert, they’ve been joined recently by new guitarist Antonio Araujo (ex-ChaoSphere), whose style is similar to Sepps own Andreas Kisser. Recently they’ve hit Europe, touring with the likes of Ektomorf, so it comes as little surprise to hear that they too have a heavy bottom end, although there are plenty of 80s frictionless speedsters requiring several listens to get over their intensity – drummer Rodrigo Oliveira must be on a permanent nitrous supply as his jet speed double bass drum work is nothing short of breathless! Like their fellow Brazilian thrashers, there’s also plenty of punk influence in there too moshing it up with those aggressive thrash beats, making songs like ‘Vampiro’, ‘Devil’s Head’ and ‘Time Has Come’ picture perfect for the pit. Still, their maturity also sees plenty of subtle melodies, a few classical guitar intros and multiple vocal shout outs to prove that Korzus have learned a thing or two to polish their sound without taking away their brutality, let alone compromising their roots. If you’re new to classic South American thrash – or just yearn for the good old days – then “Legion” brings it all home impressively.

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