KOZA NOZSTRA “Cronaca Nera (parte II)”

“Cronaca Nera (parte II)”
I speak no Italian yet I fully appreciate the effort of singing in your own language. Sure, it makes it harder for me to understand what you are on about and it might lose a bit in translation but it sure sounds bloody cool, if anything. KOZA NOZSTRA impressed me with their previous album, so much that I’ve been kinda looking forward to this new one. Listening to KOZA NOZSTRA makes me think of an Italian Dead Kennedys gone metal. There is that same kinda uproarish feel to this that I get from listening to Dead Kennedys. You could call this old school crossover metal if you like because to me this is what the combination of metal and hardcore used to sound like back in the 80s/early 90s. and it is not for sentimental reasons that I like this but because this is cool stuff no matter when it was released. Anders Ekdahl

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