KOZA NOZTRA “Cronaca Nera pt1”

”Cronaca Nera pt1”
The Cosa Nostra is a notorious and mysterious entity in the Italian mafia history. To even name your band KOZA NOZTRA is to walk a thin line if you are to believe the myths. To me Cosa Nostra is a Swedish punk band from way back. Not so much an Italian metal band. I honestly don’t know what to make of this. Is it punk? Is it punk metal? Where the hell am I supposed to place this one? That they sing in Italian doesn’t make it any easier. I do get that there is a very political tone to this album. I just don’t know how left it is. If you can imagine an Italian Dead Kennedy’s gone metal you might get an idea of where you’ll find this album. And despite me having a hell of a time trying to place thisin the end I can’t help liking this. Anders Ekdahl

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