KRAANIUM “Post Mortal Coital Fixation”

“Post Mortal Coital Fixation”
I don’t get this whole sex and gore thing that seems to be going on with the gorier end of death metal. Not that I’m squeamish or anything but I just don’t get the fixation/fascination. I can enjoy it both in movies and on record. And a good thing that is. Otherwise I would have missed out on Cannibal Corpse when they emerged back in the 90s. Kraanium could be described as a band torn from the book of CC. this is death metal in that school. Heavy and with guttural vocals that try to beat you into a pulp. If you like your death metal full of blast beats then this is the stuff for you. Perhaps not quite up to the standard set by CC but never the less quite enjoyable if you ache for that kind of stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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