KRAANIUM “Slamchosis”

(Comatose Music)

Battle Helm Rating

My last encounter with KRAANIUM was back in 2012. And although they have released an album in between that encounter and this new one I have managed to miss out on that one. But I do remember that KRAANIUM are a totally slamming brutal death metal band. And I have no reason to think otherwise this time around. I am prepared to be slammed to death by “Slamchosis”. If you have issues with this kind of death metal, with guttural growls from the deepest pit of hell and with drums that slam like there is no tomorrow you should stay the hell away from this. If you on the other hand totally goes bonkers of this kinda stuff, stay and get you daily fix. Me? I lean on the latter one. I need a fix of this on a daily basis. Unfortunately I don’t get it so when it happens I am close to overdosing on it. This is some seriously heavy stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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