KRANE ”Pleonexia”

(Czar Of Revelations)

Battle Helm Rating

Given the label this is released on anything goes. Or at least that is what it feels like. My previous encounters with bands on this label have been all over the specter. You cannot say that the label caters to just one specific type of rock/metal. And that is what is so exciting whenever a new release appears. You don’t know what you’ll get. I might not like the tag post metal/rock but when confronted with the music I 9 times out of 10 get floored by what I hear. There is often such a strength in the music that it is hard to fight it off. And that to me is what music is all about; you should be totally floored by the power of it. That the power can be anything is of a minor importance. But just the fact that great music is such a majestic feeling is so wonderful. So KRANE might not play it safe going from A to B but that is not the point with this. This is so much more esoteric. The feeling of experiencing this live must be magic. Just standing there with a bunch of other folks and let the music transport you away to never before discovered places. That to me it heaven. Anders Ekdahl

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