Krossfire – “Learning To Fly”

Krossfire – “Learning To Fly” (Pure Steel Records)

No kidding! This is a pretty apt title given that Krossfire come from one of the most remote parts of Eastern Europe – Bulgaria! Funnily enough, I was actually there last November, and if I’d known about Krossfire then, I mighta checked them out cos they are a pretty good power metal band with Maiden, Manowar and Blind Guardian influences. Soaring vocals, chugging guitars and soulful melodies laced with atmospheric keyboards grace songs like ‘Touch Of Destiny’, ‘How Can There Be…’ and the dual operatic male / female ‘The One’. Having been going around 10 years, this is no mean feat in this former Sov Bloc country so Krossfire deserve full marks for their enthusiasm and effort, if not for their originality, although they have sensibly stuck to a proven sound that should nevertheless gain them fans.

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