Kryptamok – “Verisaarna”

Kryptamok – “Verisaarna” (Purity Through Fire)

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Kryptamok is the work of Hex Inferi (guitars, vocals, bass), a veteran of the Finnish black metal underground having played in Musta Messias, Necromonastery, Scorngrain, Torso, Vordven, Nightside (live), and more recently Horna. Bursting forth from the void in 2018 with his first 4 track demo, “Profaani”, which is seen by Inferi today as ‘..mere foreplay..'(!), “Verisaarna” is the full blown blizzard of icy black savagery unleashed across 8 devastating tracks, although not without plenty of sophistication in its stylish use of epic, gothic and atmospheric elements! As perfect as an album could be, it’s pretty clear that Inferi has left nothing to doubt in every aspect from composing to arrangements and production. Then there’s the musicianship, not just delivered to perfection across every note, but backed by Beleth’s (?) blast beating furor, leaves nothing to the imagination as to what is lurking in the dark soul of Kryptamok. Intense is an understatement here! Shredding in on ‘Apokalypsin Epilooki’, it’s the huge and catchy black / punk nihilistic riffs that hook you immediately as the spine shivering vocals put their icy fingers in, although what really sets this song apart are the unexpected epic stirring riffs and deep Scandinavian melodies to melt your heart through their radiating beauty. Bombastically crashing in on ‘Saastan Rekviemi’ with hammering double bass and plenty of drum rolls, Inferi’s screeching is superbly contrasted by a massive black n roll groove that will instantaneously possess you, while the haunting mid song section of creepy keyboards and baritone spoken word offers a stark contrast and even more so as it illuminates unto the end through plenty of choral harmonies, chiming melodies and wailing guitars. Opening with a dark storm sound in the background contrasted by a plucked acoustic folk guitar, ‘Rottien Reformaatio’ then detonates through its blast beating, chundering cataclysmic riffs and screeching, while catchy gothic keys add their creepy tones and fast whirring guitar melodies do wondrous things to your soul in bringing the song to climax. Indeed, this classy release as a whole is to be awed in its etched perfection.

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